The Prowler is an adaptation of a large feline. Don't let the large spiky head scare you, its soft design allows for easy insertion. One mounted the unique head will stimulate you like never before! Imagine all those soft nubs massaging you in all the right places. The Prowler also has a slender, detailed shaft with ample balls to give you a good grip. Prowler's dimensions are 8.25" from top to bottom with 6" of usable shaft. The max circumference is an ample 6.5".

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Silicone Toy Specs: (Toy Specs Measured in U.S. Inches)


A visual guide for how our sex toys are measured by circumference, width and length.


Sex Toy Length

  • Prowler Over All Length: 8.25"
  • Prowler Usable Length: 6"

Sex Toy Circumference

  • Prowler Shaft Circumference: 6.5"