XRector Compatible Toy!

The Donkey is dark, powerful and sensual. Can you handle this amazing silicone equine toy? With a total length of 11.75", this dildo is 7.5" around the head, and expands to 8" around the base. There's even a nice pair of balls at the bottom. This is quite possibly one of the most amazing equine sex toy available today.

Vibe Inside!

This toy includes a powerful 6.5" Stick Vibe tucked away in our new HIDE-A-VIBE bottom. This unique design lets you pull the vibe out of the toy to replace the batteries and for easy cleanup. The best part is that if your vibe dies you can replace it! No more ruined toys if the vibe goes kaput. We also throw in batteries so you can play right away!

This adult toy is made from high quality silicone. Our toys are safer and stronger than the pvc / vinyl toys out there.
Our toys are odorless and compatible with almost any lubricant you can think of except products that contain silicone.
They're even dishwasher safe! Silicone is not only safer, but easier to clean, and completely closed cell.
It will not hold or breed any organisms or bacteria like the toys made from PVC / Vinyl .
These are the only anthro silicone toys on the market!
Designed with the most realistic feel in mind, you're guaranteed to enjoy every inch of this fine anatomical toy.
With proper care this toy will truly last a lifetime.

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Silicone Toy Specs: (Toy Specs Measured in U.S. Inches)


A visual guide for how our sex toys are measured by circumference, width and length.


Sex Toy Length

  • Donkey Over All Length: 11.75"
  • Donkey Usable Length: 9.5"

Sex Toy Circumference

  • Donkey Largest Shaft Circumference: 8.0"