Duke - Duke Ejaculating Toy

The Duke Ejaculating toy is finally Here! It is uniquely designed with a convenient easily removable tube and syringe. Allowing for easy cleanup and superior convenience.
The tip of this toy is deceiving by design, the small exit in the tip allows the spoo to exit forcefully and rapidly to fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Our unique design incorporates premium silicone tubing, which does not house bacteria like other tubing, can be easily sterilized in a dishwasher or Boling water. We also provide you with an ample 60ml syringe; with enough capacity to fill you up.

This toy is 100% serviceable and all parts can be replaced on your own. There are many exciting possibilities with this spooge toy! You can easily build different attachments for this toy so you can shoot A motherload of warm jizzing spooge.


Silicone Toy Specs: (Toy Specs Measured in U.S. Inches)


A visual guide for how our sex toys are measured by circumference, width and length.


Sex Toy Width

  • Duke Knot Width: 6cm (3")

Sex Toy Length

  • Duke Over All Length: 24cm (9.5")
  • Duke Usable Length: 19cm (8.5")
  • Duke Shaft Length: 14cm (5.5")

Sex Toy Circumference

  • Duke Shaft Circumference: 12cm (4.75")
  • Duke Knot Circumference: 19cm (7.75")