This plug is perfect for those looking for a travel companion or someone looking for a tamer first experience. While this plug is small, don't underestimate is ability to please. With its longer tapered design it will keep you stimulated and satisfied. The trimmed base makes this plug perfect for all day wear with complete digression. The tiny is small on price and big on pleasure; Try some today!


Silicone Toy Specs: (Toy Specs Measured in U.S. Inches)


A visual guide for how our sex toys are measured by circumference, width and length.


Sex Toy Length

  • Tiny Over All Length: 13cm (5")
  • Tiny Usable Length: 12cm (4.7")

Sex Toy Circumference

  • Tiny Shaft Diameter: 3,6cm (1.4")
  • Tiny Shaft Circumference: 11,3cm (4.4")